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Throwing Caps

The Kyle Robinson Memorial Scholarship 

Applications open from May 5th, 2024 until June 30, 2024.

The Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation is proud to support college students by providing scholarships to outstanding candidates pursuing music careers.  Applications are open now to receive a scholarship of $5,000. Read and follow the guidelines below to fulfill the application. Recipient will be announced by August 2024. 


  • Must be enrolled in a U.S. College or University for at least 2 semesters, or completed 30 credits of an undergraduate degree.

  • Must be applying for undergraduate use.

  • Must have a music focused major or minor

  • Must have the intention to use their degree to pursue a career in the music industry

  • Must have not already been awarded this award in the past

  • Must apply no later than June 30, 2024.


  • Must answer and submit the prepared questionnaire below

  • Must submit a portfolio of at least one of the following:

    • Video Performances

    • Video Recordings

    • Audio Recordings (MP3/MP4/WAV sound files)

    • Link to artist account (if applicable)

    • Projects in the works

  • Must submit one letter of recommendation from instructor or music industry professional

  • Provide a student copy of their college transcript to confirm GPA

  • Provide proof of enrollment from the educational institution

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