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About Our Foundation

“When asked, “what is your dream”, I feel pressed to be quick, concise, and simple to my answer. But, in reality, there are so many components to my dream where I often feel like it’s more of a conglomeration of visions rather than one sole example. For starters, it has been my dream ever since I stepped out onto the stage in the seventh grade show Guys and Dolls to have music envelop the entirety of my existence. Music started holding such a significant impact on my life before this time, as I had experienced in a concert band playing percussion and singing in the choir at my church, but nothing had felt like this. The rush and passion had never developed so deep within my heart before. But, the moment the lights came up around me something was triggered within my being. The ecstasy of using my voice to carry joy to an audience was what I had been searching to fill my spirit, all the while unbeknownst to me. Ever since then, I have made sure to have music be the priority of my life, developing into a theater geek, an a cappella nerd, involved in many bands and projects, and delving into the art of recording and mixing.”

 - Kyle Robinson (January, 2018)


About Our Foundation

The Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation has been established in honor of a skillful musician and caring soul.  Kyle Robinson graced the world with his incredible talent, generosity, and unbelievable humor.  His impact on the world is undeniable and will be forever forged with this not-for-profit foundation in his memory.

The Foundation was founded in September of 2020. As a non-profit organization, all proceeds from donations and fundraising will go back into the community. Based primarily in Albany, New York, the Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation hopes to reach nationwide. 


Our goal is to award scholarships to music students who embody what Kyle represented. The scholarship is meant for students who have a passion for music and personify what it means to be a good person. Scholarships will be open to any student, in the United States, currently enrolled in higher education, and interested in pursuing a career in the Music Industry. The Foundation strives to reward those who go above and beyond in their musical involvement and relationships. 


The Kyle Robinson Memorial Foundation will also be a leading donor to North Plymouth High School’s newfound recording studio, built in honor of Kyle Robinson. Our goal is to donate once yearly to support their mission of educating high school students in the art of music recording and production.

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